3 Ways to Attract Customers To Your Online Store

05-12-2019 | The Blog Series

Are you ready to scale your online store during the holidays?

With the skyrocketing numbers in online shopping sales, you should consider all the opportunities available and the preparation required for your business when you sell online. 

How can you attract new customers and generate traffic to your online store? The following three key points will help merchants get ready for the holiday season:

  1. Mobile Optimisation
  2. Social Media Strategy
  3. Easy Checkout

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1. Optimise your mobile capabilities in order to maximise the revenue of your online store.

As the traffic coming from mobile devices often outweighs the traffic from desktops, you need to be able to meet your customers there.

The rapid jump in mobile commerce requires the necessity to pay particular attention to the customer experience from the moment they arrived on your platform, all the way to the checkout options they encounter at the end. 

Millennials appear to be a crucial part of the target audience that shop online, specifically through mobile devices, as statistics show that the majority of their purchases are made through their smartphones. 73% state that they will be using their smartphones to look for- and purchase gifts.

According to a survey conducted by Discover on holiday spending, 35% of millennials intend to spend a larger amount of money this year. 39% pointed out that they will be investing more than $750 on gifts during this holiday season. This is supposedly based on the increased income that this generation is experiencing compared to those previously.

All of this indicates an increasing need to optimise your website or app and provide an easy and enjoyable consumer experience.

Moreover, the process of searching for products on mobile-first before transferring the online activity to a desktop is turning into a global trend.

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2. Step up your social media strategy

By providing your target audience with the quality content, you will increase engagement and conversions which will unquestionably draw attention to your platform.

Incorporating social media in your marketing initiatives provides a cost-efficient channel to let the world know what you are doing and see your product offering. By engaging with your audience and offering stimulating content, you can turn Instagram users (for example) into your new customers. 

Social media platforms could be used as a teaser for your customers, to directly drive them to your online platform.

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3. Easy Checkout

As mentioned above, ensuring that your customers do not face a challenging check out procedure that might be the difference between a sale and an abandoned shopping cart.

In order to scale your business, you should be very cautious when choosing which payment system to integrate. The golden rule is to consider your customers’ needs. This is especially important when it comes to your international client base. You should trace the entire payment process and make sure it works for every currency and location. Make sure it is easy for them to buy your product by being able to select their own currency.


The holiday season represents a great opportunity for online store owners to attain record levels of sales. However, to achieve that, merchants should be aware of what the consumer needs and what is currently trending. To sum it up, what you need is an optimised mobile website or app that provides easy and convenient customer experience from the moment they visit the platform to the end of their checkout, and compelling social media presence to give you extended exposure. 

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