3 Steps Towards A Perfect Elevator Pitch

30-10-2019 | The Blog Series

Your elevator pitch defines whether the person you are standing opposite is going to become a new opportunity or a lost chance.

In this blog, we take a look at how you can improve your elevator pitch, to turn it into a compelling speech that immediately leaves an impression. We have a few tricks up our sleeve that we would like to share with you.

Be it for a scheduled meeting, job interview or just an unexpected potential client or investor, you need a killer elevator pitch to reach your business goals.

You have already encountered million of tips regarding unique selling propositions, good planning and a “hook” to make the other party desire more. You are aware of the fact that your pitch has to be brief, memorable and intriguing. While necessary, these factors are not sufficient to guarantee your success. Going exactly by the book can still result in your audience dozing off and missing your well-prepared pitch.

How to break through the noise?

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The elevator pitch is not about you boasting and listing every accomplishment you have ever made. An appealing way to approach this is by presenting your expertise. To achieve that, explain how you identify and solve problems, illustrate how you overcome a challenge (that a loyal customer was facing, for example) and how you managed to resolve it.

To build trust, incorporate social proof in your story. Share with your audience how you contribute to your customer’s transformation for instance. Give examples of how people have benefited from your collaboration with them.


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A common mistake we see is people memorising their speech as if learning a poem by heart. The result being that you tend to race through your script without establishing a human connection. This generally leads to your audience zoning-out to some much more appealing place in their heads.

Knowing your pitch word by word will not help you nail it. Think of it as an actor’s play. You need to consider what kind of emotions you want to convey, how you want to make the audience feel and which parts you need to emphasise. Your pitch is about connecting with your audience, not blurting out some perfectly chosen words. Hardly anyone will remember exactly what you said. They will respond to how expressive you are, and most importantly how it related to them. Something that is too perfect, loses its authenticity.

Despite an investment often being based on the solid logic of why it would be beneficial or profitable, decisions are to a great extent still made based on emotion. Painting the right picture, vivid and captivating, is all about the emotion that your listener can identify with. You want to make things clear and paint a picture of why the audience needs to take a chance on your solution.


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You achieved your goal and intrigued someone, so what do you do next? Do not let all that preparation and practicing go to waste. The next step you need to take is to get their contact information and already mention a follow-up activity such as scheduling a phone call to provide additional information. Whatever follow-up approach you prefer, just keep in mind that getting the contact information and discussing the follow-up is essential!


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