Changing Core Values: Unimaginable or Necessary?

by Jorrit Wijtsma In the ever-changing world of Payments and FinTech where mergers, acquisitions, joint ventures, and partnerships have become an everyday business, how do you stay true to your beliefs, company traditions, and not lose track your core values? Is it even necessary to blindly adhere to your heritage to grow your business? Many

Future of payments

With the sudden rise of different payment options, such as Alipay, WeChat, Afterpay and many others, one can’t help but ask the question, what will be the future of payments? But before we do that, let’s first look back at the history of payments. Before the introduction of currency as a medium of exchange, a

Company culture, what is it and why is it important?

When I initially started looking for my first full-time role in the business world, I was admittedly scared. I had no idea what to look for in a company, how to approach the search and what type of company culture (whatever that meant) might be interesting. As a full-time, professional athlete, I hadn’t given any

Valentine’s Day spendings in 2018 expected to be $19.6 billion dollars

Will Singles Day overshadow Valentine’s Day?   The 14th of February is rolling around again, the day of the ‘anonymous’ love. A day of massive spending, which has its roots in the U.S., also known as Valentine’s Day.   How does it compare to Singles Day? The idea behind these two days might be quite different.

Mercedes Pay – The Driving Force Behind Payments

Are you curious about the innovations that the collection of data will bring us in the future? Mercedes Pay can explain their story, as they have been the new electronic payment processor for all products and services provided by the Daimler Group since January 2017. It all started when Jan Reinhart and Jürgen Wol launched

Disruption in the payments landscape

We sat down with Giulio Montemagno, General Manager for Amazon Pay Europe, to ask him a few questions about Amazon’s new payment solution.   “At the end of 2016 we had over 33 million customers that had used Amazon Pay” Could you tell us a bit about your professional past and your current position at

How to find the right Payment Service Provider for your Business

Written by: Dwayne Gefferie, Head of Data at DimeBox  One of the questions I get asked frequently, whenever I tell people I work in Payments is: “Which PSP should I use for my business?” My answer…It depends on what you need. Having worked with many merchants, I have yet to encounter a PSP (Payment Service

No more pockets – the future of mobile payments

Mobile payments, have you ever made one? Chances are you do them weekly, if not daily? Maybe you have mobile banking on your phone? Perhaps you even have a wearable device that allows you to pay with a tap. There are so many different types of mobile payments out there, think of mobile wallets where you

Bitcoin; something to get excited about or just a bubble?

It is the hot subject most payment and non-payment experts are talking about: Bitcoin and whether it is a bubble or not. A lot of people ask our opinion at PaymentGenes. This is not our direct area of expertise. However, our founders come from classic payment companies such as Adyen, GlobalCollect and Braintree. As a

Beer, wurst and payments at Oktoberfest Munich

“For those who think that Oktoberfest is only about drinking beers and eating bratwurst, we’ve got some real ‘payments food for thought’…” Starting September 16, Munich will host the 184th Oktoberfest, the biggest Beer Festival of the world. The first Oktoberfest took place in 1810 with simple transactions: beer and food in exchange for barter