Is Germany’s payments landscape changing?

Germany’s payments landscape is a fascinating place. Whilst in countries such as the UK digital payments have already overtaken cash transactions in 2014 and we actually are now spending £1.5 billion a month using contactless cards, nearly 80% of transactions in Germany are still made in cash. However, recent findings from TSYS and Wirecard suggest

PSD2 – What does really change?

With the adoption of the revised payments directive (PSD2), the European Parliament mandated a revolution in the european payment industry. Under the new regulation, the playing field is finally level for startups in the FinTech space to play a more important role. Often though, we hear the same question: What does really change? What you

EMScard: From Credit Card Acquiring To Omnichannel PSP

PaymentGenes sat down with Hugo Bottelier, Director of Product and Marketing at EMS, the Dutch card acquirer turned Omnichannel PSP. Hugo shared with us his view on various industry developments and about the recent developments at EMS. In the past year you have undergone a major reorganization and started offering not only acquiring services, but

What makes an ideal check-out?

Mobile shopping-related searches have seen a 120% growth this past year, with global revenues from mobile commerce amounting to about 500 billion Dollars last year alone. Businesses would be smart to figure out how to maximise their profit from this rising trend in consumer behaviour by not only optimising the check-out procedure at the end

A word about Bitcoin in Brazil

In times where countries around the world struggle to keep the value of their currency as high as possible, Bitcoin is gradually becoming a legitimate payment method. The payment system which was first introduced in January 2009 by an identity named Satoshi Nakamoto, has gone a long way to become a legitimate solution accepted by

Does Amsterdam have what it takes to overtake London’s Financial Capital status?

As one of the main global FinTech centres, London has managed to bring in approximately four billion Pounds of investment in the last six years alone. The city is home to many headquarters of both big and small financial companies. However, shortly after the Brexit news, seniors within the technology community have started voicing fears

How can merchants manage fraud more efficiently?

Recently, PaymentGenes has been involved with different merchants in the travel industry to help them better manage their payments. What we identified was particular to the travel & ticketing industry, but the learnings can be applied to different verticals: managing fraud requires fine tuning anti-fraud filters to reduce accepted fraudulent transactions, while at the same

The Hidden Problem of Conversion

The main goal of online merchants is to attract as many people as possible to their website in order to have high sale figures. They do so by spending a lot of money and energy in order to have as many conversions as possible and make customers return to the website after their first visit.