Does Amsterdam have what it takes to overtake London’s Financial Capital status?

As one of the main global FinTech centres, London has managed to bring in approximately four billion Pounds of investment in the last six years alone. The city is home to many headquarters of both big and small financial companies. However, shortly after the Brexit news, seniors within the technology community have started voicing fears

How can merchants manage fraud more efficiently?

Recently, PaymentGenes has been involved with different merchants in the travel industry to help them better manage their payments. What we identified was particular to the travel & ticketing industry, but the learnings can be applied to different verticals: managing fraud requires fine tuning anti-fraud filters to reduce accepted fraudulent transactions, while at the same

The Hidden Problem of Conversion

The main goal of online merchants is to attract as many people as possible to their website in order to have high sale figures. They do so by spending a lot of money and energy in order to have as many conversions as possible and make customers return to the website after their first visit.