Artificial Intelligence in Payments: 1-second AI loan decisions

The integration of Artificial Intelligence in payments is changing the present and the future of the industry for consumers as well as businesses. AI has already turned into a hot topic among BigTechs and predictions indicate that in 2020, companies within the financial sector will invest $11 billion in AI, in a market that is

Wearable Payments: Contactless Payments On The Rise

Wearable payments are payments made using devices such as smartwatches, payment wristbands, rings, fitness trackers, and more innovative PayTech. Wearable payment methods are increasing in Europe, with consumers rapidly incorporating these new methods of payment not only in their daily lives but in their outfits as well. Mass-adoption of NFC enabled terminals NFC payments have

Sustainable Finance: 3 Green Initiatives in 2020

Sustainable Finance, also known as Green finance, includes investment decisions that take into account environmental or social issues and result in sustainable practices. This blog describes three of the most recent examples of green initiatives launched by financial institutions. These companies combine the provision of financial services with sustainability-oriented solutions. 1. MasterCard: Carbon Footprint Offset

FinTech in Amsterdam: Interview with Hugo Neizen, Amsterdam InBusiness

Amsterdam InBusiness is the official foreign investment agency of the Amsterdam Metropolitan Area and offers pragmatic and tailor-made services to companies that are considering European expansion, by validating the market opportunity and making the business case for Amsterdam. We spoke with Hugo Niezen, (former) Senior Manager Foreign Investments, to hear more about how Amsterdam InBusiness

The Best FinTechs to work for in 2020

We have prepared a list of some of the well-established and/or rapidly growing FinTechs in the industry. Continue reading to find out which are the best FinTechs to work for in 2020. Nowadays, many professionals are drawn to Fintech. One might be wondering what are the benefits of being in this sector. Commonly, the aspects

Frictionless Payments

Frictionless Payments: What do you need to know? Frictionless payments represent online and offline checkout processes where the obstacles of making a purchase are reduced to a minimum or even non-existent. The ultimate goal is to make the payment process convenient and easy both for the consumer and the merchant. Such efforts increase customer satisfaction

The Perfect Answer to the Interview Question: ‘Tell Me About Yourself’

When you apply for a job, there is one interview question that you can be sure will occur. ‘Tell me about yourself’ is the one phrase that can make you wonder throughout endless possible ways to approach your answer. Do you discuss your professional success or do you focus on personal interests? Do you brag

How To Comply With PSD2 Open Banking? An interview with Mike Woods, CEO of Konsentus

Konsentus is a RegTech company that was established to provide Identity & Regulatory checking services to Financial Institutions so that they can comply with PSD2 and open banking. Issued through a SaaS-based platform it enables Financial Institutions (ASPSPs) to comply with EU regulation on PSD2 open banking and provide open banking services to their customers,

Diversity in FinTech

Miranda McLean, Global Head of Marketing Banking Circle for EWPN, shares her opinion on the increasing diversity in the FinTech industry, the effect of disruptors on the market and her perspective on the future. The European Women in Payments Network (EWPN) is the first and only pan- European not-for-profit organisation for women working in the

3 Ways to Attract Customers To Your Online Store

Are you ready to scale your online store during the holidays? With the skyrocketing numbers in online shopping sales, you should consider all the opportunities available and the preparation required for your business when you sell online.  How can you attract new customers and generate traffic to your online store? The following three key points