How To Move Your Business To The Post-COVID-19 Era?

Scenario Sketching for a Post-COVID-19 world It is early Q4 2019, you get a call from your manager, director, investors or owners pressing you for the 2020 budgets.  With carefully selected research, you have made estimations, assumptions, and educated guesses as to the expected revenues and costs in the year to come. However, 2020 doesn’t

Is FinTech Immune To The Virus?

New consumption habits will persist beyond the crisis. The rapidly changing business environment requires immediate and proactive adjustments to satisfying customer needs. The limitation on interaction and movement is encouraging a change in behavior that needs to be considered when mapping out the future of your business in this new reality. The always-connected customer and

Digital Onboarding: How to secure talent when your office is closed?

Has your company already adopted the hiring and onboarding of new talent online? Companies’ recruitment processes have moved online due to the unexpected COVID-19 outbreak. As organisations around the world acted immediately according to the health advice given by governments and health associations, in-person interviews and onboarding processes are taking a new form – a

Best Team Communication Tools To Use Working Remotely

Team communication tools for the COVID-19 Home Office Roughly 80% of today’s companies use some kind of social collaboration tool to streamline communication both inside and outside of the office. Due to the current outbreak of the Coronavirus, a steep increase in professionals working from outside of the office is noticeable. We decided to share

Guide To Creating Webinars

With many events being canceled, creating webinars is the way to reduce the impact of face to face limitations. How can you still proceed with that internal or external event you were planning on?  Webinars are the answer to a safe and pleasant way of staying connected, building and scaling your business nowadays. We live

Working Remotely & Taking Care Of Your Mental Health

Establishing a solid plan is essential when you and your team transfer to a remote working environment. This not only includes taking care of the logistics such as what communication tools to use and what technology your team needs, but also the mental health aspect supporting this transition.  In times where over 1.5 Billion people

How to manage your team when working remotely?

Managing a team that is working remotely can be challenging and ambiguous at first. In the heart of successful remote management lays communication and trust. To establish effective communication without in-person cues and get closer to success: 1. Keep your team updated Regularly inform your team about strategies, current situation, accomplishments, etc. Making them aware

Toronto: The Next Stop For Your FinTech Business

A strong technology sector, resilient financial system, a quality pool of talent and low business costs put the Toronto Region on the global FinTech map. Not only does the Toronto Region boast being home to the headquarters of major Canadian banks, but it also lays claim to three of the top 60 global pension funds

Working Remotely: The New Condition Of Employment?

Is the possibility of remote work the new condition of employment? In the dynamic world, we live in, flexibility at the workplace turns out to be an integral component of employees’ happiness. In a LinkedIn Global Talent Trends survey of more than 5,000+ talent professionals in 35 countries from around the world, three main factors

Artificial Intelligence in Payments: 1-second AI loan decisions

The integration of Artificial Intelligence in payments is changing the present and the future of the industry for consumers as well as businesses. AI has already turned into a hot topic among BigTechs and predictions indicate that in 2020, companies within the financial sector will invest $11 billion in AI, in a market that is