Payment Data in the current digital age | 2020

Payment Data In The Current Age In the current digital age, we no longer question the importance and value of payment data. With a variety of public discussions and uproar surrounding data privacy (eg. Cambridge Analytica), the topic seems to become increasingly important. If we look at the tech giants of the world; Google, Amazon,

3 Steps Towards A Perfect Elevator Pitch

Your elevator pitch defines whether the person you are standing opposite is going to become a new opportunity or a lost chance. In this blog, we take a look at how you can improve your elevator pitch, to turn it into a compelling speech that immediately leaves an impression. We have a few tricks up

How to Nail Your Phone Interview

What are the benefits of a phone interview? The most obvious advantage of a phone interview is that you can complete it in a comfortable and peaceful place such as your home, a quiet coffee shop or while taking a walk. A shower and business attire are definitely not compulsory, and the lack of a

7 Travel Money Tips For Your Next Holiday

Traveling for leisure is an exciting investment, one which we like to anticipate and plan thoroughly. However, scheduling your museum visits, best dining spots, intriguing historical hotspots and all the touristy activities that come to mind, all lead to an interesting issue: how to handle your travel money when you are abroad. We have prepared

Challenger Banks: Niche is the New Black

Have you considered opening an account at a challenger bank or you already have one?  Challenger banks are changing and reconfiguring the existing banking business model and the technology behind it. With a customer-centric approach, they create products and services that defy the rule of “one product fits all”. This blog provides a clearer perspective

Digitalisation And The Future of Payments

This is an article from the recent PaymentGenes Fintech Magazine.    Meet the Expert: Gabrielle Bugat, Head of Division for Financial Solutions at G+D Mobile Security gives her view on the Future of Payment in the era of Digitalisation. G+D Mobile Security is a part of the G+D Group (founded in 1852) with more than

3 Things To Know About Point Of Sale (POS)

For many modern businesses, making use of a Point of Sale (POS) system is an essential component which contributes to the optimisation of sales. This includes aspects such as providing marketing insights based on the demand of products and the management of expenses, inventory, and staff. Many people use POS-related terms interchangeably, yet each one

5 Ways to Avoid Digital Fraud

Becoming familiar with digital fraud can help you protect your personal data and money, especially in a world that is rapidly moving towards the digitalization of payments. The enormous increase in ecommerce and m-commerce transactions creates a variety of opportunities for fraudulent activity. When we talk about online fraud, we mean deliberate deception, intended for

Key Insights Into Alternative Payment Methods (APMs) in 2019

In a world where the future is defined by eCommerce and the ever-growing influence of online shopping, alternative payment methods (ATMs) have turned into a topic worthy of the attention of both consumers and businesses. APMs are becoming omnipresent as online transactions made through APMs are expected to reach a staggering 55% by the end

The Road To EU Authorisation

The challenges in applying for a license at De Nederlandsche Bank. There have been various articles published recently regarding the application for a license at De Nederlandsche Bank (DNB). In the Financial Dagblad (FD), a Dutch financial newspaper, various companies that applied for a license at DNB due to the Brexit are complaining about the