5 Essential Tips For Your LinkedIn Profile

5 Things that every recruiter looks at on your LinkedIn profile! First of all as a recruiter, before I even come across your profile on LinkedIn, you will first have to appear in my search according to the LinkedIn parameters. In a way, it is comparable to Search Engine Optimisation (SEO), but for your personal

Knowledge Base – Payments Terminology

Blog: Payments Terminology As the payment industry becomes more widely acknowledged, the number of questions that arise about payments-related terms also naturally increase. In this blog, we will explain some of the most common jargon that is associated with payments. The topics that we will focus on include: “What is an E-wallet?”, “Omnichannel”, “Chargeback”, “Anti-Money

Are sales and marketing mutually exclusive?

In a great deal of businesses nowadays, sales and marketing are seen as two different departments, consisting of vastly different sets of people. This occurs to such an extent that there is an abundance of stereotypes that come to mind when one thinks about a salesperson or a marketing professional. The classical salesman is perceived as

Changing Core Values: Unimaginable or Necessary?

by Jorrit Wijtsma In the ever-changing world of Payments and FinTech where mergers, acquisitions, joint ventures, and partnerships have become an everyday business, how do you stay true to your beliefs, company traditions, and not lose track your core values? Is it even necessary to blindly adhere to your heritage to grow your business? Many

Tech Recruitment: How to change perceptions.

I recently had dinner with a group of friends who all happen to work in tech. Coincidentally, I’m an IT recruiter and after all the stories they shared during the course of the meal, I quickly felt abashed and somewhat disappointed about how my line of work is perceived. Apparently, they are not the only

The War For Talent – Generation Z in the workplace.

Generation Z employees have an abundance of choices when looking for workplaces to start their career. Is this the beginning of the “War for Talent”? 200.000 New jobs became available last year in the Netherlands alone. The FinTech, Payments, and eCommerce industries are rapidly growing worldwide and the expectation is that the amount of work