Guide To Creating Webinars

31-03-2020 | The Blog Series

With many events being canceled, creating webinars is the way to reduce the impact of face to face limitations.

How can you still proceed with that internal or external event you were planning on? 

Webinars are the answer to a safe and pleasant way of staying connected, building and scaling your business nowadays. We live in a progressively digital world and we should take advantage of the available technology potential.

Why webinars?

  • Simpler and faster to organize 
  • Cost-efficient
  • Help you sustain connectivity and reach
  • Create long – term engagement through the created video content (record your event and share parts of it)
  • Limitless opportunities in terms of remote guests and speakers you want to invite

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Step 1. You need a good content strategy and a solid plan.

Like any other event, organizing webinars requires the production of worthy content. To succeed, keep in mind the following:

– Choose content that is relevant and interesting to your audience. Match this choice with your brand identity and brand voice.

– Be consistent. If possible turn your event into something reoccurring to increase your brand awareness.

– Incorporate a call of action at the end of your webinar and initiate your audience’s interaction. This way you can build long-term relations with your viewers. 

Step 2. Choose the right platform to stream your event

Analyze your audience and evaluate where is the best place to stream and reach the desired viewers: your website/social media/ live streaming platforms.

Step 3. Be invisible

Test everything technology-wise and try to create an experience that is as close to the in-person event as possible. High quality of content, audio and video are extremely important for the smooth experience you want your audience to have.

Some magic tricks for a strong start:

  • Define the ‘WHY’ behind the organization of your webinar. This will give you a sense of purpose and something to stand out with. 
  •  Pick a specific topic for your event and create a hook for your marketing strategy!
  • Plan and advertise at least 3-4 weeks ahead.
  • Use Blogs/Podcasts/Social media to build and engage audiences.

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