How to manage your team when working remotely?

23-03-2020 | Industry news

Managing a team that is working remotely can be challenging and ambiguous at first.

In the heart of successful remote management lays communication and trust.

To establish effective communication without in-person cues and get closer to success:

1. Keep your team updated

Regularly inform your team about strategies, current situation, accomplishments, etc. Making them aware of the progress and the state of the company is essential. Create all-team and one-on-one meetings to touch base and share your thoughts. Keeping your team oblivious does not help anyone.


2. Trust your team

Trust is crucial in remote working settings. Surveillance and over communication can turn to be counterproductive. You need to trust your employees and be result-oriented when evaluating productivity.

3. Set clear expectations

Be very clear about what you expect. When deprived of the opportunity to observe employee’s progress and rely on listening, learning and understanding each other in a shared environment, being specific with what you expect and what is the end goal is vital for success.

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4. Share your successes

Sharing each other’s accomplishments is important. Establishing daily check-ins with the team and sharing each other’s progress reinforces collaboration, increases mutual knowledge, and reduces the sense of isolation.

5. Support and encourage

Transitioning to remote working can create some concerns among employees. Providing support and encouragement is needed to alleviate stress and ease the existing struggles for your team. This would result in a feeling of determination and focus within the employee’s consciousness to overcome the challenge of working remotely.

Lead your team by example and be transparent about your personal experiences. Sharing the advantages and disadvantages of your practices of working remotely can make the team feel understood and inspire them for success.

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