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We are proud to present the latest edition of our Payment & FinTech Magazine (Q3 2020)!

PaymentGenes’ Payments & FinTech Magazine features the latest industry content. With thought leadership articles, product launches, business cases, FinTech & Payment jobs, infographics, event discounts and more.

Payments & FinTech Magazine: Q3 202o: This special edition shines a light on the future taking in Payments & FinTech. In this edition, our partners have given unique perspectives that provide insights into the future. How will the Payments & FinTech industry react, adapt, and move forward? Have a look at the following articles.
  • Our soon to be launched podcast series “Voices In Payments”, in which we cover key-industry experts perspective on the Future of Payments.
  • Payaut with essential information for Marketplaces & Platforms how to be ready for the near-future with PSD2 at scale and active. Read the Interview done with Ernst van Niekerk, CEO & Co-founder, and Pieter De Haas, CCO at Payaut.
  • If you are curious how the advanced Biometric Face Verification Payment Method has been faring off in their high-growth startup phase, and how they are planning to change the industry for good, have a look at the PayByFace article.
  • That 2020 has been a challenge for many sectors, businesses, and consumers is not a secret anymore, how this is going to change the world? Read the article by Jukka Yliuntinen, Head of Digital Solutions, G+D to find out his view on the future of digital payments.
  • Payments & Politics
  • Melvin Dom, Head of Corporate Sales at Buckaroo tells about his experience with PaymentGenes, being recruited and working together with PaymentGenes as a hiring manager.
  • The CEO of NanoPay talks about The importance of a national payment system in Canada, an article in collaboration with PayTechs of Canada
  • The best job opportunities in Payments & FinTech

Payments & FinTech Magazine In short:

C-level, business leaders and Industry thought leader commentary on industry topics. Coverage on Payments, Fintech, Financial Services, Tech companies, FinTech Startups, Banks, E-commerce, APM’S, PSP’S, acquirers, Issuers, Schemes, Challenger Banks, Merchants, Mobile Wallets, KYC & AML Solutions, Payment Gateways, Payment Processors, POS Solutions, SAAS solutions and even more!

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