Onboarding New Talent At PaymentGenes

14-08-2019 | Interview

PaymentGenes recently added a new team member – Jonathan joined our IT & product recruitment team and we wanted to hear about his first experiences within the organization.

What is your function at PaymentGenes?

I (Jonathan Pothuis) joined PaymentGenes as an IT recruitment consultant. In short, I headhunt top IT professionals from around the world for the payments teams of our various clients.

What attracted you to being a recruiter?

Before joining PaymentGenes, I had the understanding that recruitment is an industry where you are able to challenge yourself to develop acute sales skills. Throughout my career, people around me have mentioned that I have a skill with people so I thought it would be a good direction to go in.

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Can you explain why you joined PaymentGenes?

Two things convinced me to join PaymentGenes. The first one is the company culture that emphasizes continuous learning, where people constantly challenge each other in a positive way. This appealed to my endless curiosity. The second was the product. I have sold many things in my career, from comestibles to luxury design and art. At PaymentGenes however, we are not just selling a product, but actively changing people’s lives. This type of product seemed very attractive to me.

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How has the onboarding process been from the moment you started until now?

I was very impressed by the dedication and planning that went to the onboarding process at PaymentGenes. Besides being full of great content, the process is carefully thought out to integrate new hires into the team. There is a schedule planned to-the-minute with extensive one-on-one meetings with every member of the team, either for courses on particular topics of expertise, or simply to get to know each other.

What are your favorite things about working at PaymentGenes so far?

The team, for sure the team. There is amazing energy once you walk through the doors of PaymentGenes. People are always very supportive and professional, making work very pleasant and the learning curve steep and fun.

About PaymentGenes:

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