Success Story of Sr. Product Manager, Peter Zeman – Placed by PaymentGenes

25-09-2017 | Interview

We sat down with Peter Zeman to discuss the different aspects of his role as a Senior Product Manager at Computop, but also to know more about how he experienced our services.

Peter has been working at Computop for over a year now. It all started when he got contacted by our Payments Consultant, Quinten Boertien, about the role of Senior Product Manager at the global Payment Service Provider. It was an instant match and Peter and Computop are still going strong.


Why did you decide to join Computop and what was Quintens role in the decision making process?

The decision was mainly the combination of two factors: company and role. From company perspective, I knew Computop as a strong PSP with 20 years of experience, covering not only European market but also with strong international reach. Computop has developed the true omni-channel solution, where all payments from all channels are processed via one single platform. As I had previous experience in e-commerce and POS, this was a perfect fit.

From a role perspective, I was looking for a position where the Product Manager can directly interact not only with customers, Marketing and Sales, but also with the Development Team. As Computop has the full development team in-house, it made this even more a perfect fit. Adding to that, the interaction with Quinten was very delightful, he was bringing the overall good feeling about my decision to join Computop.

What does a Product Manager do?

In my opinion, a Product Manager, fully and in detail defines the product to be built, is responsible for overall success of the product and needs to know the product inside and out. A good Product Manager needs to make sure the product that is being build, will bring value to the company and will be something that customers really want even before the development starts. The product also needs to have great user experience and be feasible to build by the development team. In Product Management there is a horizontal role, a good Product Manager needs to be “connecting the dots” within the company and acts as an intersection between business and development.

How do you determine the success or failure of a product or feature launch?

It is all about the impact. Many teams celebrate the deployment of a product or feature, but this is not the real success. Real success comes when you see the KPI’s (e.g. 10% decrease in drop off rates or 15% decrease in chargeback rates), which you defined before building the actual product, start moving towards the targeted values. Only then the product or feature can be classified as successful.

What challenges do you come across in your role?

As a Product Manager at a PSP, providing connection to more than 200 payment methods and acquirers, active in e-commerce and POS and covering the full lifecycle from merchant onboarding to reporting, I would say the biggest challenge is the complexity. Fintech is also a very dynamic environment, so keeping up with all the trends is sometimes tough. But as one of the traits of a good Product Manager is also curiosity and willingness to learn new things, this can become just another opportunity to broaden your horizons.

What aspects of your job do you like the most?

The ability to make real impact and contribute to the success of the company when Product Management is done right. As Computop is acting internationally, I really enjoy the possibility to come across many interesting products or partners, which many times can spark a new idea or be a great inspiration.

Inspired by this successful story and look forward to pursuit a career in Product Management? We have an interesting open position.