PGInterim | An interview with Christian Van Cosburgh, Director Interim Solutions

03-02-2020 | Interview

PaymentGenes is proud to launch its latest product, servicing the fast-growing temporary recruitment market.

We chatted with Christian van Cosburgh, Director of PGI, to hear more about his experience in launching this exciting new product.

Chris, tell us a bit about yourself and your background in recruitment.

A large part of my youth was spent living abroad. Growing up in an international environment always fascinated me and when it came time to start my career, I looked for something similar. Deloitte was the organisation where I found this. I worked there as a corporate auditor in the TMT industry and for financial institutions before starting in recruitment. Contrary to what people might believe, as an auditor you learn more than just about financials and data. It also allows you to see organisations from within, and to understand how they are operationally and culturally organised.

After more than 6 years however, I wanted to use this experience in an advising role on a more personal level. That’s when the world of recruitment came knocking. Using the knowledge I had gained, I was able to understand and support clients and candidates coming from a variety of backgrounds. This motivated me even more, as I got the chance to work closely with people every day.

What excited you about the opportunity to join PaymentGenes and to set up the Interim recruitment arm of the business?

Initially, I intended to start independently as an interim recruiter and eventually create a partnership with someone who has an identical approach and value set. That second part ended up going a bit quicker than expected. I called one of the Co-Founders of PaymentGenes, who is an old colleague of mine from Deloitte.

I wanted to discuss the challenges he ran into when setting up the business in 2014.

It became apparent that they had already been playing with the idea of setting up a contract division for quite some time, and one thing rapidly led to another, as we shared the same values and consultative personal approach. I also should not forget to mention that the team at PaymentGenes is one of the most welcoming, dedicated and experienced I have met in my time in recruitment.

You’re busy setting up PGInterim, what are the challenges you face in starting a new branch of an existing business?

PGInterim operates by itself, but uses PaymentGenes’ existing infrastructure. The challenge is staying up-to-date with the database. You need to act fast and be precise in the contract market.

Also, the current technological revolution of our clients, as well as the growing economy, results in greater scarcity of expert contractors.

To add to that, the continuous change in law and regulations is something we need to keep a close eye on, especially here in the Netherlands.

What are the major differences between interim & permanent recruitment?

The reason for hiring a contractor is because it relates to either a specific project, the requirement of certain specialized expertise, a temporary replacement

or simply that there is no permanent candidate available (soon enough) in the market for a client to get their work done.

In other words, there is a problem and an immediate solution needs to be provided by a contractor who is up and running in an instant. We therefore look more at past experience from a technical perspective.

In permanent recruitment, we focus more on the personal and professional growth path of the candidate and how they can develop and integrate into an organisation in the long-term.

What will the key focus areas be for PGInterim and which sectors will you operate in?

We will focus on Data & Analytics, Change Management and Compliance for now. Being active in the Payments and Fintech sector we have been receiving an increasing amount of requests from our clients for expert contractors.

PGInterim, however, is not limited to these sectors and we are now also working with numerous different clients where the expertise of contractors can be of value as well.

PGInterim went live on Monday September 9, 2019. An exciting moment for both companies! Check the website out here!