Podcast with Vinay Shiriwastaw from Rapyd on hyper-localization, COVID19 and the future of payments

14-09-2020 | Interview

In the first episode of our new podcast “Voices In Payments” our host, Diederik Klopper discusses globalization, market developments as a result of COVID-19, e-commerce, hyper-localized payments, and more with Vinay Shiriwasaw, Head of Sales at Rapyd.

Rapyd has built the largest local payments network and its FinTech-as-a-service platform makes it simple to integrate local payment and fintech capabilities into any application.

Listen to the podcast to find out:

  • Hyper-localized payments in a global infrastructure
  • The main challenges that merchants are dealing with expanding globally

  • The kind of questions merchants should be asking their payment providers
  • How Covid-19 is accelerating change globally
  • Vinay’s view on the future of Payments
  • Even more!

If you’re curious to find out more about how Rapyd can assist you to scale globally, please reach out to Vinay Shiriwasaw (Rapyd) for a conversation.

About PaymentGenes’s “Voices In Payments” – The Future of Payments podcast:

The “Voices in Payments” Podcast, is an initiative launched by PaymentGenes to positively impact the payments community, by educating and connecting the market with vertical-specific industry expertise.

PaymentGenes Empowers Business growth by providing expertise-driven Recruitment, Contracting, Business Strategy Consult, and Data Strategy Services. These services all resolve and intersect around payments. Learn more about how we can help your business here.

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