5 things an employer expects from a Product Manager

11-07-2017 | Interview

According to PaymentGenes’ Consultant Quinten Boertien

Quinten Boertien has started his career at PaymentGenes two years ago. Since then he developed himself into an expert when it comes to working on technical roles within the payments industry in the DACH area. He is the go- to guy if you are looking to build agile teams or searching for a Product Specialist role at a leading company within the fintech and payments space. We asked Quinten to shine a light on one of the hottest jobs at the moment: Product Manager. What qualities should a Product Manager have?

1. Great communication skills

A Product Manager should be able to work and thus communicate with different levels; from management to marketing, sales and the end users (target group). Communication is the most important skill when working on a product.

2. The team comes first

An effective Product Manager is a true team player and has experience with the Agile and Scrum methodologies. Working with different stakeholders and other product managers requires a lot of flexibility and the ability to participate in brainstorm sessions with all team members. This is the way to push the entire product forward.

3. Passion

The Product Manager creates the vision of the product in line with the company. For this reason not only should he be knowledgeable of all aspects of the company, but also intensely passionate about creating the best product possible. With no passion, no energy and motivation will be passed on to the development team.

4. Always have the end user in mind

To steer the ship forward a Product Manager should always see the full vision of the product, this includes the needs of the end user. A great Product Manager is able to feel joy and pain the customer feels when he uses the product.

5. Not afraid to say ‘no’

The Product Manager should be able to manage the feedback that is given about the product and guide the development team. It is not necessary and desirable to develop every idea, this is why the Product Manager should not be afraid to say no, as he will do that most of the time. If every idea would be developed, the project would lose focus and the outcome might not necessarily solve the problem.

Are you looking for a new challenge in the DACH region? Feel free to contact Quinten to discuss the possibilities.