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21-05-2019 | Interview

An interview with Dan van Leer, Regional Director EMEA and India at Verisk | G2 Web Services

Can you tell me a little more about G2 Web Services?

G2 Web Services (, a Verisk Analytics business) helps acquiring banks, PSPs, and online marketplaces keep clear of e-commerce merchants that violate local laws or credit card scheme rules, such as Illegal drugs or pharma, child exploitation, and counterfeit goods. Such merchants can operate either openly or covertly, by channeling the payment through a legitimate-looking front site, which is known as transaction laundering.

We are the global leader in this area of risk management, continuously monitoring and analyzing millions of data points from merchant websites that together account for some 70% of the world’s e-commerce. In doing so, we’ve also created the world’s largest e-commerce merchant risk database. So it’s a real “big data” activity, closely linked to the payments world.

What was your engagement with PaymentGenes?

I needed to hire a Business Development Manager for Southern Europe, preferably to be based In Paris, with a payments background as well as some other specific qualifications.  This means I needed an executive search firm specializing in payments, with a network In France. There are not many firms who can do this, and – surprisingly as I found – apparently none in France itself.

PaymentGenes works with dedicated teams per region to fulfill the specific (regional) needs of clients looking for the best payment & FinTech professionals.

PaymentGenes’ Anna Velly, who is French, and her colleagues did an excellent job in finding qualified candidates for the role, and in providing guidance throughout the process, resulting in a successful hiring decision.

How Is hiring In France different from, say, hiring In the Netherlands?

While we have clients in France, we don’t actually have an office there, which added a layer of complexity. There are many things to consider, including complicated labor laws, possible corporate tax implications, and high employer social contributions.

On the other hand, some things In France are actually simpler. For example, if conditions are met, a trial period can last up to eight months, compared to only two in Holland.  Also, in case of Illness, a Dutch employer Is liable to pay salary for up to two years, whereas In France, the government takes over.

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What would be your advice to companies hiring In France for the first time?

(smiles) Get a good recruiter! In all seriousness, also get a good employment lawyer, and make sure you have everything in order from both a legal and financial perspective before you start the actual recruitment process, to avoid the possibility of delays later on. We were fortunate to have access to relevant expertise through our global HR organization, including third-party French legal counsel.

I also spoke to a Paris-based law firm that specializes in commercial exchanges between the Netherlands and France, Amstel & Seine lawyers, who were very helpful.

Any additional remarks?

Yes. Due to the aforementioned complexities, France may seem like a bit of a scarecrow, and there’s some truth to that. But It’s a fantastic e-commerce market, and with extremely talented people, so don’t let that put you off. Just go!

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