Talent Management Challenges in Payments | Voices of MPE Podcast

15-07-2020 | PaymentGenes news

Talent Management Is A Strategic Imperative

In this podcast, we’re covering the challenges of talent management in payments with Alex Wolf as host, Thijs Moser, Camile Laupman, and Simon Stokes.

The payments industry in itself is worth $200 trillion per year and continues to grow. Getting the right payments professionals on board is a key pre-requisite for business growth in the Payments & FinTech Industry.

So what are the difficulties with hiring the right professionals in our industry specifically?

Listen to the podcast to find out:

  • Why Payments Recruitment is A Strategic Imperative
  • Talent Acquisition & Talent Retention (from startup to corporate)
  • Employer brand for Gen X, Millenial, and Gen Z.
  • The Role of Leadership
  • Culture in Payments
  • Talent Management & Acquisitions
  • Where do you find talent – Geographically
  • What are tough positions to fill in the payments industry

If you’re curious to find out more about Talent Management Challenges in Payments, please reach out to Thijs Moser (PaymentGenes) to have a conversation.

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