Kirsten Visser

Payments Consultant - DACH

What makes working for PaymentGenes unique?

I have learnt a lot about the immensely interesting payments industry and the combination of sales and business development. That, within an international team in the city centre of Amsterdam is fantastic and also quite unique!

What are your strengths and weaknesses?

I like to work on a personal level and would like to get to know my clients and candidates very well I don't have any patience...

What would you say is the most interesting fact about you?

I live in Amsterdam, but I have never been to the Anne Frank house, never been on a canal tour, never been to Madame Tussauds and also never been to the Heineken Experience. Shame on me!

How would you describe the company’s culture?

Work hard, play hard.

What is your favourite happy hour drink?

An ice cold Dark ‘n Stormy cocktail!

What was your high school job?

I worked at an ice cream bar... Best job in the world!

Who are you beside your job title?

I'm also the one and only CPO of PaymentGenes... Chief Party Officer :-D