Quinten Boertien

Senior Payments Consultant - IT & Product

What makes working for PaymentGenes unique?

Working for PaymentGenes has been a thrilling ride for the last 3+ years. In these years I have seen it grow from 6 up to 25 people and have had the honour to help build our company brand to reflect its position in market today. From the start, I was intrigued by the character of my colleagues. Individually, everybody brings his/her own unique expertise and no one is shy to share best practices to make the company as a whole, stronger and more professional every day. In one word, co-operative.

What are your strengths and weaknesses?

I’d describe myself as having the ability to quickly grasp new information, to incorporate it into my own skill set, and create my own tools to increase the efficiency of my daily tasks. From the start, I told myself to be the best in my job, and to establish a state in which I am capable to independently reach success, without needing too much guidance. In essence, my described strength above, embodies my weakness as well. As a self-starter, I’m less willing to accept help, guidance, tips and tricks from others. In these situations, I’ve learned that my response has been less friendly, which creates distance from the team. I’ve learned to master this by acceptance and being aware of my response. This awareness in turn, becomes a strength.

What would you say is the most interesting fact about you?

During my numerous backpacking tours, I have visited 10 countries, done 100+ Scuba dives, 1 Sky dive, 2 Bungee jumps and returned with 10 tattoos.

How would you describe the company’s culture?

Work hard, play hard. We have a strong core team with unique individuals. Enough room to share our own opinions and incorporate new ideas. By individually taking ownership for own part of the business, together we create a strong organization.

What is your favourite happy hour drink?

Gin & tonic! Tangarey10 + Thomas Henry tonic + slice of grapefruit

What is your personal record?

Deepest dive: 45 meters at Gili Trawangan, Indonesia.

What’s the laziest thing you did so far?

Seventeen days lying in a hammock on Don Det, (4000 Islands, on the Mekong Delta) in 2009 without electricity.