The Perfect Answer to the Interview Question: ‘Tell Me About Yourself’

22-01-2020 | The Blog Series

When you apply for a job, there is one interview question that you can be sure will occur.

‘Tell me about yourself’ is the one phrase that can make you wonder throughout endless possible ways to approach your answer. Do you discuss your professional success or do you focus on personal interests? Do you brag about your accomplishments or should you go for humbleness? Therefore, you need to have a certain structure in your head to prevent this chaos of overtaking your mind during the interview. Having prepared for that question can turn to be the thing that differentiates you from others and impresses the person sitting across you.

Think of your answer as the main way of demonstrating the applicability of your experience and personal traits to this particular job opportunity. This blog contains the key points you need to follow to create the perfect answer to this potentially challenging interview question.

Before you move forward, select the parts of your CV that you want to touch upon and the information you want to share with your interviewer. Some guiding questions you can follow are:

  • What first sparked your interest in this area of work?
  • What experiences have contributed to your skills that are suitable for this position?
  • What have you already learned about the field and what are you hoping to learn from this opportunity?
  • What do you find exciting about this company?

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Many people seem to stress exclusively on their personal history and fail to depict the relevance between their capabilities and the provided job opportunity. Your answer should be revolving around the strengths that you possess in connection to the new position.

Your response will most probably provoke the interviewer to ask you a follow-up question. This makes your reply extremely important as it gives you a chance to mention the topics you want to discuss.

Points to focus on when answering this interview question:

  • Opening – this part should be brief and not more than one or two sentences. Focus on your area of study and capabilities (main career interests), but do not go into details about your academic background.
  • Motivational Story – share a story that depicts a challenge you managed to overcome and how that affected your career choice.
  • Academic background and relevant experience – support the interests and skills you mentioned in the opening part by supporting them with relevant experience you gained throughout your academic endeavors and previous job positions.
  • Closing (showing why you are a good fit) – express which elements of this job opportunity grabbed your attention and what do you aspire to achieve and develop if you get this opportunity.

Keep in mind that your answer should fit in less than two minutes, you do not want the receiving party to start gazing into the distance and stop listening to you!

Now that you have the structure in your head, it is time to practice your perfect answer. However, do not try to learn it by heart as authenticity is equally important. Simply have guidelines to follow and go nail that interview question!


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