What makes an ideal check-out?

10-01-2017 | Industry news

Mobile shopping-related searches have seen a 120% growth this past year, with global revenues from mobile commerce amounting to about 500 billion Dollars last year alone. Businesses would be smart to figure out how to maximise their profit from this rising trend in consumer behaviour by not only optimising the check-out procedure at the end of the process, but also by other benefiting features.

Purchasing without a username, as a guest, makes the whole purchasing process a lot friendlier and more convenient for users. Registration that is required in order to complete a purchase might make companies lose conversion as users are often reluctant to go through a process of signing up. Users like to have more control when they shop and this function grans them just that.

Guarantying that both the shopping process as well as their personal details are confidential and secure is key in making sure consumers are content and trusting when they purchase. In light of security and privacy concerns that are rising lately, this point is a crucial one.

Allowing users the flexibility of being able to change items in their shopping cart is another important issue, since customers often choose items accidentally and then wish to adjust or change that. If this flexibility does not exist, consumers can end up being unsatisfied with the service and might decide to not shop at all with a certain retailer.

Users should also be able to continue with their online shopping spree even after choosing items for their shopping cart. It is often the case that after consumers choose a number of items and put them in their shopping cart, they might be willing to continue shopping. Retailers must seize the momentum and allow them to keep shopping and come back to their cart once they are ready to pay for all the items they purchased. This can increase conversion for businesses dramatically.

Last but not least, the more payment methods there are, the higher the conversion rate is. With the amount of different check-out payment options now present in the mobile shopping market, consumers have developed high standards for smooth shopping experiences, and while some prefer using the Dutch iDeal, others like to use PayPal or American Express when they shop online. As the saying goes, the more the merrier.

In the end of the process, it is advisable to provide consumers with a detailed summary of the purchase, so consumers can make sure they only purchase what they intend to, and know the exact total cost of their purchase.