Working Remotely & Taking Care Of Your Mental Health

27-03-2020 | The Blog Series

Establishing a solid plan is essential when you and your team transfer to a remote working environment. This not only includes taking care of the logistics such as what communication tools to use and what technology your team needs, but also the mental health aspect supporting this transition.  In times where over 1.5 Billion people are in an effective lockdown, there’s an exponential growth in the number of professionals struggling with their mental health as a result of the coronavirus. Hence this article is filled with Coronavirus tips on how to maintain a healthy mental state working remotely.

This blog overviews ways of alleviating the implications of remote working such as loneliness and mental health challenges. It further provides advice on how to embrace working remotely and make the most of it for yourself and your team.

Professionals most commonly struggle with:

  • Sense of isolation:

For many employees that have never worked remotely before, it can be quite challenging to cope with the change and the establishment of a new rhythm. This new scenery can result in a low mood, frustration, lack of focus, and boredom.

  • Feeling of guilt

A sense of guilt may occur due to lower levels of productivity. Giving yourself and your team the time to adjust is essential. The following tips reduce these notions as they provide a healthy work-life and body-mind balance.

  • Combining home-office with kids

Balancing work from home and children can be a handful. Minimising the distractions but simultaneously spending enough quality time with the little ones turns into an almost impossible task that can create high levels of stress and anxiety.


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To keep your mind in a healthy state:

  • Bring structure to your days. 

Create a routine, not only in terms of having a to-do list but also plan out your breaks and time for relaxation. Most of us are used to the specific order of getting up and preparing for work, going to the office and then coming home to a work-free zone. With working remotely, it is essential to set boundaries between home and work, be able to distinguish both and not overdo each. 

Adjust your new space accordingly, but ideally, try to keep as much of your old habits as possible. Start and finish work as you would normally do. Schedule your lunch breaks and coffee breaks around the same time each day.

  • Share. Everything. 

Share your thought and experiences. Your team is probably going through the same challenges and successes you are. Openly sharing your feelings creates a safe environment where you can rely on each other to overcome the difficulties of the new reality together. Reciprocity is of high importance. Don’t forget to ask people how are they doing and listen and talk through their and your struggles. Saying things out loud can do magic. 

  • Don’t forget to socialize 

When the regular things at the office such as a small chat with a colleague or making coffee for someone are not possible anymore, include time for socializing in your agenda. This will help you fight against disconnection and isolation. Even at the office, not everything is about work. Spend one of your breaks, talking to the team in a catch-up session or simply participate in an afternoon video meeting with a cup of coffee. Chat about nothing and everything with a team member to battle the feeling of isolation and sameness.

  • Take care of your body

Don’t forget to take care of your physical health as well: eat, sleep, exercise. Having your body in balance is directly related to your mental health and the successful execution of your job. Take advantage of the variety of exercise videos out there to create an active routine from home. This will give you a boost of positive energy and productivity.

  • Nourish your mind

The same way you spend time doing yoga or exercises, your mind can benefit greatly from the creation of new connections in the brain. This can be achieved through reading books, listening to podcasts, joining online courses and mind games. Moreover, this is a beneficial way of distracting your mind from solely work-related activities. If you feel overworked and stressed, there are plenty of meditation apps to help you reach mindfulness, ease your mind, and inspire you. Apps such as FreeMind, Muse, Sanvello can help you regain your peace, power, and purpose. 

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